AR Multiplayer

AR Multiplayer

AR Multiplayer is a proof of concept developed using Unity 3D(Unity Networking) and ARCore Cloud Anchor system. This is a simple game where in the players have to shoot the targets and each target shot down adds to your score. The player who reaches score: 5 wins the game.

I have been wanting to develop an AR app for long(an year to be precise) and I finally developed one, I got to learn a lot about how networking can be used for AR during this project.

I used the unity multiplayer networking system for the matchmaking, raycast physics, scoreboard etc. and google cloud to store and retrieve the point cloud data(generated plane which helps us to augment the platform).

I wanted to test how movement is shared using Unity Networking in AR, how Unity Physics works in AR as the physics events are shared over the network. Overall, this project was an enriching learning experience and in the future, I will work on an AR system where players can be detected

Tools used: Unity Editor, C#, Unity Networking, ARCore Cloud Anchors