Truants is a 2D narrative mystery game with the simulator of a computer operating system. During the entire game, the player can only see a simplified computer desktop and a few simulated software and websites. He or she plays as Scott Bowers, a university professor, and the story starts at one day when an anonymous user tries to mess up Scott's online document. The player's mission is to figure out what happened or happening inside a suspicious mental health center and then help Truants members, a few teenage victims, escape from there by using computer skills. Cursory decisions and lack of discovery may lead to the torture or death to Truants, the life threatens to Scott and bad endings.

This was a capstone project with a team of four, Myself(Technical Director), Yitong Hu(Creative Director), Nickolas Banducci(Producer) and Chris Zhang(Development Director).

I developed two fake OS emulations with apps like YeeMeow(email), videos/photos, browser, xploit(hacking tool), file browser and web apps like Visage(facebook), Bouquet(Instagram). I also developed the start and login screens of both OS.

Tools used: Unity Editor, C#

The game is on Steam

Here's the game website link

Images for my work in the project